Google's Project Sunroof Hits 20 U.S. Metro Areas


Just like the rest of humanity, Google stands to benefit from the rise of renewable energy. On top of the normal benefits of more energy to go around and lower costs for it, Google actually stands to enjoy some fringe benefits. More energy means homeowners are less concious of their energy usage and more willing to have more devices going for longer, whether their home is a simple apartment or a decked out, IoT-centric smart home of tomorrow. The benefits to Google as a result should be obvious; more users always online, more data being gathered and more chances to push IoT hardware and software. As an added benefit, homeowners who save money with renewable energy will have more to burn on smart devices. It stands to reason, therefore, that it would benefit Google to help with the adoption and rollout of renewable energy.

Project Sunroof is their effort to do just that and is currently available in 20 metro markets in the United States. Parts of California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, and Arizona will be able to use the tool to see an in-depth analysis of how feasible rooftop solar energy is for them. Project Sunroof works by checking out the environment around a home, current and historical weather and other factors to give homeowners a visual representation of how effective rooftop solar panels would be.The tool ties into an energy production calculator courtesy of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to show homeowners whether or not rooftop solar panels would meet their needs and how much they can save.


The next logical step is installation, and Google has homeowners covered there as well. Reviews and price comparisons for nearby installers can be accessed through the Project Sunroof page. Users can also fine-tune their savings estimate and mess about with other relevant variables by scrolling further down the page. Entering an unsupported address will net you a message that states that Project Sunroof has yet to reach your neck of the woods and a link to sign up for updates. No time frames for a bigger rollout were announced, since the project is still in the pilot phase.

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