Google Wants Developers Help for Tango Apps

January 7, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Project Tango isn’t necessarily new, but now we have a couple of new devices for Project Tango. Today, Intel announced a Project Tango smartphone that is up for pre-order at $399, and this evening, Lenovo announced their own Project Tango smartphone that’s going to be available to consumers. So far no pricing or availability has been announced. However, Google is looking for some ideas for apps for Project Tango devices. And have started up the “App Incubator”.

Basically how this works, is Google is looking for developers to send in ideas for apps and games using Project Tango devices. Like the smartphone announced by Lenovo tonight. You’ll need to submit your ideas by February 15th, 2016, and the company will pick the best ideas and also provide the cash and engineer support so you can bring these ideas to life. Google also notes that the finished apps, will be featured on Lenovo’s Project Tango device. Google here is looking for apps and games that can take advantage of the technology used in Project tango, and create new experiences for users.

An example of an app that is great for Project Tango devices, and provides an experience that no other smartphone can right now, is one that Lowe’s is building with Google. Essentially it’s allowing you to see where a new appliance – maybe Samsung’s new Smart Fridge with the 21.5-inch touch screen – might fit, before you head on out to Lowe’s and pick one up. Talk about being handy, and amazing. A game that is already available for Project Tango, that Google has shown off at various events includes a shooting game. Where the tablet is mounted on a gun, and you can shoot at stuff in the room you are currently in. A great game for those that love shooting games.

You can check out Google’s full blog post linked down below, for all of the details on sending in your app and game ideas for Project Tango to Google. Remember you only have about a month before the cut off period. It’s going to be very exciting to see what developers come up with for Project Tango, and this is a great way to get apps and games ready for the platform.