Google Shares Tips On How To "Do More" With Google

Google is capable of helping people do a lot of things, from taking notes, to searching for vast amounts of information, to making appointments and showing you trip itineraries, with the right know-how one can do just about anything with Google, like "become a scheduling ninja." That is just one of the many tips Google has offered up and shared on how to "do more" with Google, and in total there are 154 tips they have presented users with to assist them in getting things done and making their lives more convenient.

Not all of the tips will relate directly to using the Google app, as some of them are more directed at tips for using specific functions on an Android device, like locking the device remotely in the event that it gets lost or stolen, while others look to help people make their technology more accessible to them. Google has some of these tips separated out in groups on the front page to make things simple to find and in doing so has allowed users to pinpoint tips they might find the most useful, like the grouping of tips to help you make the most of your Chromecast by listing off a handful of cool things you can do with the tiny HDMI dongle. There is also a set of tips for making the most out of a newly acquired mobile device, and a set of tips that are focused on assisting users with the Google app and all the things it's capable of doing.

Google also makes it possible to narrow down the tips you're looking for to a specific category or app. At the top of the page users can find a drop down menu for categories and one for products, which include the categories do more, save time, new device, ask Google, and improve access. When it comes to the products, you can narrow down tips that are specifically geared towards Drive, the Google app, Android, Maps, the Play Store, Chrome, Gmail, Chromecast, YouTube, My Account, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Translate, Wallet, Hangouts, Calendar, Photos, and Keep. One you've found a tip that looks helpful, clicking on it will either bring up images that display the tip in action, or a YouTube video demonstrating the tip, with a button that allows you to "try it" out yourself. Hitting this button ends up taking you to the web app version of whatever product it's centered around so you can actually do what it's telling you thus giving you some hands-on experience with it. For now the list is limited to just the 154 tips, but there's always room for more and it's likely that Google will add more as time goes on and changes are made to their apps as well as the Android operating system.

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