Google Fights Ads By Disabling 780 Million Bad Ones

With 2016 already starting off with some awesome innovative and advanced technology such as software, tech gadgets and even artificial intelligence, Google is still trying to improve the way we use and interact with these things through the online web. Most of the tech gadgets you see today are connected in some way to the Internet and while connected, we tend to run across an ad every now and again, if you don't already use an adblocker. Advertising, being one of Google's main source of income, wants to improve the way we see and interact with them. As some people find advertising through the web a nuisance, Google is working hard at keeping those ads more relevant and from promoting unnecessary products that are placed there to only make money or even worse, scam. Advertising is great in many ways as it keeps you connected to the products and services you're most interested in and makes it even easier for you to access the things you all know and love. For this reason, Google is now implementing more strict policies for companies to advertise with them.

With Google's global team of more than 1.000 employees dedicated to fighting useless ads, they were able with the help of sophisticated technology as well as their own computer algorithms, to block and disable more than 780 million futile ads in 2015 alone. Among all the ads blocked, some worse than others, one of the top ads that users complained about were weight loss ads. With these "weight loss without diet or exercise" ads that promise impossible-to-achieve results, Google suspended more than 30,000 sites for misleading users. What's more is that Google shut down more than 10,000 sites for counterfeiting goods, such as designer watches, as well as shutting down 10,000 sites that provided unwanted software that could potentially slow down your devices operating system as well as change settings throughout your device.

While Google is starting to crack down on its advertising business and what advertisers can show, it equally is rejecting applications for those who want to advertise Google Ads on their own sites. In 2015 alone, Google rejected 1.4 million applications due to those sites not following Google's outlined policies. Google seems to be setting the bar high for its advertisers which may not be such a bad thing when it comes to the average Googler. It terms of proceeding in the future, Google wants to add new protections against malware and bots as well as implement further restrictions on what can be advertised for an effective weight loss product or program. "We want to make sure all the ads you see are helpful and welcome and we'll keep fighting to make that a reality," said Google in a blog it posted today. Whether we tend to like ads or not we should applaud the tech giant for trying to better its ad service while making it safer and more enjoyable for everyone to use its search engine.




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