Google & Facebook Miss Out On Purchase Of AI Startup Viv Labs

What might be close to one of the biggest startups in history as well as a being an easy future multi-billion dollar company is something that started all thanks to the dream of creating artificial intelligence. The dream of making an AI is nothing new considering we have major companies that are playing with their own virtual assistants something that closely resembles artificial intelligence. With the assistant like Apple's Siri or Google's Google Now were able to snag a glance into what the future could really be like with having an artificial intelligence answer or every beck and call. Unlike Siri and Google Now though, future artificial intelligence will actually be able to learn from itself and carry out more complex commands.

A startup that is currently in the works of creating a personal assistant that will understand what you say and then be able to act on those commands is currently in the works of creating such an AI. Viv Labs, founded by developers of Apple's own Siri and created nearly right after have said that they are on the verge of achieving true greatness, something that Google and Facebook have actually tried to buyout from them but have failed many times at doing so. Offering around $100-$200 million for Viv Labs' product also named Viv, which is Latin for live, the company respectively declined stating they believe that the key to winning the AI race is by acting as a neutral portal for third-party developers. Creating their own AI, the company hopes that by already achieving the hard part, other companies will simply be able to build their own assistant of whatever they chose on top of Viv. This will also be used where third-party developers can train their AI, in their "AI app store", to carry out specific tasks and functions. The company explained that they want to be independent of big tech companies and simply want to be third-party for developers and services essentially where other third parties can use their service to create their own AI assistants. However, Liv Labs would eventually need to use companies like Google and Facebook to tap into their unlimited amounts of resources and data.

Viv which is based on an open system will let other businesses and companies tap into what they call the "global brain" to use for endless applications. With co-founder Adam Cheyer once saying, "I want to do something bigger than mobile, bigger than consumer, bigger than desktop or enterprise. I want to do something that could fundamentally change the way software is built," we can all agree that this will definitely be along the lines of "fundamental change" as Viv Labs is on the track to building what could very well be the first artificial intelligent assistant.

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