Google Drive On The Web Updated For Easier File Management


As is the case with all of Google's services and features, Google Drive is one which receives a very frequent level of updating with improvements, new features and so on. The latest of which has been announced today to be rolling out to the web version. While these are not massive changes, they are ones which Google has defined to be changes that make the Drive web experience a little easier. And especially for those who are often rearranging or moving files while in Drive.

The first and probably most useful of the changes noted is that Drive on the web now comes with an easier ability to move files that are already located on your drive. In short, Drive now comes with a small 'Move' button which when clicked will quickly allow the user to move a specific file to a new location. So once a file has been clicked you will see the new move icon appear where the previous 'Add to Drive' icon would have been. The second big change is also to do with making it easier to move files and once again, for items that are already located on your drive or about to be added to your Drive. Basically, when you preview a file in Drive, a new icon will allow you to easily place the file in any folder within your Drive account. Again, by clicking on the icon, a sub menu will appear allowing users to select a folder to place the file. Of course, you can also create a new folder as well to place the file in.


The last new feature announced is an easier ability to move files from search results. So when you're in Drive, if you are searching for a specific file or type of file, then when the search results are presented, you can simply grab the file you are looking for and move it to any folder listed in the left hand side panel. You can see an example of this feature in action in the image below. In terms of the update, as these are for the web version of Drive, the changes are already in place and good to use now.

Drive web update 03

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