Garmin To Add New Fitness Features To Connect App

January 5, 2016 - Written By Derek Dykes

As CES rages on with technological-filled advancements, there are a number of announcements coming through. The latest of which is the news about a newly added app feature by the company Garmin. Garmin is a company that develops fitness, aviation, outdoor, and marine technologies for the Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS is the key system that provides location and time information for all types of weather conditions anywhere on or near the Earth. Using the GPS products it sells to consumers, Garmin is able to provide specifically targeted gadgets to people all around the world interested in the outdoor activities.

Today at CES, Garmin introduced and announced an interesting new change to the Connect mobile app for Android and iOS. Featuring personalized insights and feedback, the app will provide additional relevant health tips based on your activities. Considering that Garmin’s users of the fitness and heath watches rely heavily on the Connect app, Garmin has to ensure that the stability of the app is improved as much as it can be before being released, especially since the company has to fend off major competitors like Jawbone and Fitbit with their own fitness watches that have stormed the market. Simplicity also needs to be taken in consideration highly before the app is ready to be released for public consumption.

Many features the app includes are sleep analysis, predicted step total, and reminders to help ensure users get up and move frequently if they are close to falling behind on their daily step goal. Among these great and needed features, the new future app will include news articles and videos that will provide fitness users additional smart coaching as well as congratulatory messages when certain milestones have been reached, giving that extra boost of much-needed health information, not to mention confidence. Some other really interesting added content will provide users with specific information on how their daily activities measure up against other people in their age and gender groups across the fitness platform. At the apps launching, Garmin has said that benchmarks will be included in the comparison between age and gender groups and that more comparisons will be added shortly after. Slated to roll-out later this month as a free update to the Garmin Connect app, Android and iOS will both be receiving the update with added extras to follow soon.