Fossil Broadens Market With iOS Targeted Q Founder Ads

Fossil Q Founder AH 11

Trying to get a product in front of a consumer’s face can be a tricky task. The most classic way to showcase anything is through a magazine ads. Magazines have been around for years and continue to be with us even with the new technological age blanketing consumers. Watchmaker Fossil has taken this approach and has bought up ad space in Esquire Magazine. If you are a reader of Esquire then you probably have already seen the glamours full page ads of the Fossil Q Founder. For those of you that do not know, the Fossil Q Founder is an Android Wear watch created by Fossil. The watch will cost you roughly $275 and it’s Fossils first smartwatch. The Q Founder looks like your typical watch but with Android Wear running behind the scenes.

Besides the ads that Fossil placed in Esquire, the company took an odd approach in their marketing. Instead of an Android device, Fossil has an iPhone paired with their Q Founder. Now we say that this is an odd approach because when it comes to Android Wear running on iOS, the functionality is more limiting compared to Android. Using an Android Phone in the ad would have been a much better example instead of having two rival companies sharing an ad together unknowingly. Of course, Fossil could have their own reasoning behind this awkward pair. The company could be trying to broaden their reach by showing compatibility between the two devices. This return would get iPhone users deciding whether or not they want an Apple Watch, or the fancy looking Q Founder.


Since Fossil is a watchmaker, having devices which run on two different operating systems in an ad makes no difference to them. The most important note on their agenda is to sell their latest product so they can make a profit. Fossil has put in quite a few years, gaining experience and building relationships with retailers to deliver high quality products to their ideal market. So in this case, a sale will always be a sale to Fossil. If they were smartphone maker that would be a different story, but in this situation, we’re talking about watches, the classic time piece.