Folio is the Facebook App That's Kind on Your Battery


For some, Facebook might not be the cool social media network that it once was, with Twitter and Instagram becoming focal points for many, but it's still used by billions around the world. Facebook is, for a lot of people, the one social media network that they can ensure the majority of their friends and family will be on, the likelihood of that happening on Twitter, Instagram and yes, Google+ diminishes in that order, mostly. So, Facebook is a great network for a great many people, but the Android app is not so great. Sure, it's come on leaps and bounds, especially once it became a native Android app, but for some it's too cluttered, too distracting and a battery hog. Folio is the app that hopes to change that.

Featuring a user interface that's pretty much entirely Material Design, Folio will slip into any modern Android experience with little fuss and while it's designed to be as simple as possible, it does have some advantages. Namely the fact that it's so speedy and lightweight as it focuses on the essentials of a Facebook experience for posting, sharing and so on. This also means that Folio won't drain your battery without looking. Depending on how active you are on Facebook, the blue app can often be found right at the top of the battery stats, but Folio is different. When Folio is asleep in the background, it stays asleep and users have total control over how often the app syncs while running in the background.

Moreover, Folio can bring people away from the monotony of having to look at the color blue all the time. Users need to pay for the Folio Key, but after they have done they can choose from as many as 41 different themes to customize their Facebook experience to just how they like it. Perhaps not for the power users out there on Facebook, Folio is a way of keeping the service's impact on your device to a minimum and is well worth taking a look at, especially if you're fed up of the color blue.


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