Fireproof Games Release 'The Room Three' On Google Play

With smartphones becoming a natural norm, we have always seemed fascinated with the idea of playing games on our phones. For years now phones have developed and featured the best specs companies have to offer by fitting the latest and greatest graphics cards with higher and sharper displays they possibly could fit in the size of your palm. We would be considered lucky if we could go a week without hearing an announcement of the next greatest flagship phone to be released. But now as the demand for phones rise so it is equally met with the demand for games.

With this comes an era of gaming unlike we've ever seen, creating new genres of mobile gaming that is sure to fit every person into a category even if that person never liked games to begin with. That's the beauty of it, there are massive amounts of mobile games with many different styles and with endless possibilities. The people over at Fireproof Games have seemed to nail down many genres in one creating a fascinating display of mobile gaming.

Their latest release "The Room Three" is an adventure, mystery, puzzle solving, and mind-boggling game that has captured everyone's attention since its first two previously released games. Having been nearly two years since their 

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