Firefox v44 Rolling out to Android with Improved Tabs Screen

Firefox OS AH

On Tuesday, Mozilla rolled out a new update to their Firefox web browser that’s available on Android. Effectively bringing it to version 44. The update has a few new features, as well as fixing some other bugs and such. The update is available in the Google Play Store now, for those of you that don’t use Chrome. Included in the update is an improved tab screen. The reasoning behind this improved tab screen, Mozilla says is for uniformity with tablets using the same browser. The company also says that the thumbnails shown on the tab screen should also be a bit more accurate this time around.

In this update, Mozilla also added a web-based Firefox Accounts page, the ability to use cloud printing via the Android Print service, prompting users before opening Intent URIs in a Private Browsing Tab, show search history suggestions and allowing users to choose a homepage to display on startup instead of the Top Sites panel. On top of that, Firefox has also removed support for the RC4 decipher, and a few other smaller bugs that weren’t noted in the change log.


Firefox is a great alternative web browser on Android – although there are many others including Opera which will conserve your data even when not using the browser. Many know Firefox from the desktop, and in fact many still use Firefox on the desktop. With the Firefox Accounts, you are able to sync your bookmarks, web history and much more between the desktop as well as your smartphone. Similar to what Google Chrome allows you to do already. Firefox is much more lightweight than Chrome is however, and a bit faster than Chrome and other web browsers, a big reason why many users are switching over to or at least using Firefox for a bit.

As noted earlier on, the update to Firefox is available on the Google Play Store already. If you have Firefox installed already, you should see an update available under “My Apps” in the Google Play Store. You can check out the full release notes located in the source links down below.