Find Your Match On Dating App ‘Once’ Using Your Heart Rate

January 15, 2016 - Written By Derek Dykes

With so many matchmaker apps and web dating sites out there, it gets extremely hard to keep up with all of them. Anywhere from religion to casual hookup, there’s just about any kind of dating service available for your choosing. Popular sites such as eHarmony and Tinder both cater toward different markets but are essentially running under the same concept. Tinder is more of a mobile application that allows you to swipe left or right revealing that you either like or dislike that person. You are then only able to converse with someone further after you have both swiped right revealing that each of you find a mutual fondness for each other while swiping left just moves you on to the next person. Website dating platform eHarmony allows you to build a profile from a questionnaire system that you fill out prior to finding your match. This will then be used to find your match based on your likes and dislikes as well as the many different things you filled out about yourself. While Tinder is somewhat free, there is a premium service just like eHarmony, which allows you to sign up free but to communicate will cost some money.

Since there are many dating platforms on the market, companies need to stand out to make themselves different in some form or another if they want to continue to bring in customers. One dating app in particular which was launched close to the end of last year in Britain has taken steps to make their own dating app a true success by adding a feature that tracks your heart rate as your looking at your match’s profile. The dating app called Once, which is available across the UK, France, and Spain, is a fast growing dating platform that has reached over 600,000 users in just four months. The dating app works by offering one potential match everyday chosen by one of their “matchmakers”, by which you are given only 24 hours to respond by convincing the other match to talk with you further. If you both decide to respond, you are then connected and can start conversing in detail, and if not, then on to the next. These features are free and other extra content can be used free periodically like playing your own matchmaker by picking a match for the next day without that person even knowing, but to use these more than a certain number of times will cost some money.

Once announced that it will be integrating the heart rate feature for Fitbit and Android Wear. Using the Fitbit will allow users to sync their fitness tracker with the Once app to see their heart rate in real-time when they first see their match of the day. Each match seeing each other at the same time will allow for some real cool and interesting effects on how you will see yourself engaging with your match. Founder and CEO Jean Meyer said that by using this new heart rate feature, it will be easier to ensure that when someone ‘likes’ another user, it’s meaningful. There is no word yet as to when the app will be available in the U.S but Europeans can take advantage of the apps use right now.