Facebook Will Launch Live Video Feature On Android Soon

Facebook Live

In recent months, we have seen Facebook take video a lot more serious and heavy. Content creators have been uploading alot of videos to the social media giant and their repository of visuals keeps on growing. Facebook wanted to take a step beyond just posting a simple video. Beginning last year in December, Facebook began testing a new feature that would allow users to record live video. The test were successful after facebook say how users testing the new service were connecting and interacting with friends and family. Today, Facebook will deliver the new feature to all of its United States users but only on iPhone for now.

Facebook integrated the new feature in the Status menu. Towards the bottom where you choose to tag friends, post photos, or select an emoji, on the far right is where the Live Video feature will be. All you have to do is tap that icon which will in return show you a little preview of how you will look on the front camera. If you want, you can write a short description and select your audience. You will be prompted to “Go Live” whenever you are ready and once you are broadcasting your entire friends list can see you in the News Feed. While you are live, you can view the number of live friends watching along with their names. In addition you get real time comments as viewers tune in to see what you are sharing. Once you are finished broadcasting your video will be automatically saved and published to your Timeline. You now have the option to delete or keep the video, the choice is up to you.

After broadcasting a video, you can also scroll through your news feed in search of other live shows. Public figures and verified accounts also have access to live video. Facebook has made it easy for you to keep up with your favorite broadcasters by letting you subscribe so you can be notified the next time they are on air. Facebook’s new live feature will be heavy competition with services like Periscope. With the millions of users who are on facebook everyday, this will surely raise concerns for other live video apps.