Facebook Data Center Coming To County Meath, Ireland


Facebook is a gigantic website that's built itself into an empire. Facebook has practically taken over social media worldwide and is offering expanded services such as Messenger and WhatsApp in most of the world. In emerging markets such as India, they have even managed to become the de facto portal to the internet for a great swath of the population. Naturally, large data centers are going to be needed over large areas. On that note, Facebook went ahead and expanded their data centers internationally by bringing one to Lulea, Sweden not long ago. Now, they're looking to place one in Ireland, the country that has served as their international base of operations since 2009. Specifically, the data center is planned to be placed in Clonee, County Meath.

The new data center, as part of the international Open Compute Project, will contain servers, racks and parts all built from scratch with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. According to Facebook's press release, "Clonee will be packed full of cutting-edge technology, making it one of the most advanced, efficient and sustainable data centers in the world."  This follows nicely with Facebook's trend toward keeping their data centers on the cutting edge, both technologically and ecologically. Their plans for expansion are coming along slower than they would have otherwise as a result of the extra work and resources required for such a roll out, but the data centers will be much more future-proof as a result.


As a nice addition, Facebook plans to power the center using only renewable energy sources. Thanks to Ireland's ample winds, types of renewable tech that could normally only supplement the grid will be able to keep the data center running all on their own. The new center's reliance upon renewable energy will, on top of being ecologically friendly and cost-efficient, help to ensure continued operation in cases such as electrical power outages on the grid or shortages of nonrenewable energy sources. Facebook has made a goal of powering at least fifty percent of their total operations with renewable energy by 2018, so having even one data center on one-hundred percent renewable energy is a big step.

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