Evel Knievel Game Lets You Jump Ramps As The Famous Stuntman

January 26, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Most of you reading this are probably not avid gamers, but play games for fun from time to time. I definitely belong in that category, don’t really have all that much time to play games anymore, no matter how much I want to do that, so I tend to pick up an interesting title from the Google Play Store in order to have some fun with it on my phone. Now, for those of you who are into motorcycles, and racing in general, there’s a rather interesting game available in the Google Play Store, hasn’t been there for all that long though, so maybe you didn’t see it thus far, read on.

The game I’m talking about is ‘Evel Knievel’, which is named after an American stunt performer and entertainer. This game will put you in Evel Knievel’s shoes, you’ll be jumping from ramp to ramp with your motorcycle. Keep in mind that you’ll start at the bottom of the food chain, your motorbike won’t exactly be capable of doing great things at first, but as you progress and upgrade, you’ll have access to much more powerful vehicles. While performing your jumps, you’ll, of course, perform various flips, looks, and all kinds of other stunts in order to earn credit. The better you get, the more cash you’ll have to buy items from the in-game store, like various outfits for your character, and various motorcycles. During the game, you’ll need to perform 27 jumps in 9 locations, while you’ll heave 11 bikes at your disposal overall, you’ll unlock those as you progress through the game. You can also collect 8 classic outfits, and 20 special helmets, while achievements and leaderboards standings are also a part of this game. You can also boost Evel Knievel’s stats as you progress, which will come in handy along with the power of the bikes you’ll unlock.

The graphics in this game looks really old on purpose, but still looks quite nice. The ‘Evel Knievel’ game comes from ‘Barnstorm Games’, a developer which has released ‘Pro Pinball’, a very popular game Android game. That being said, the Evel Knievel game is not free, you’ll need to pay $1.85 if you want to play, so keep that in mind. There are a couple of official promo images from the game included in the gallery down below, along with an official video. If you’re interested, click on the Google Play banner located below this article.