Elephone W2 Smartwatch Real Life Images & Specs Surface

January 12, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Elephone is one of many, not-that-well-known smartphone manufacturers. This company is trying to differentiate from the rest though, they’re currently working on an Android Wear-powered smartwatch called the ‘ELE Watch‘, and their P9000 line of devices will be announced soon. The most interesting one out of the three devices Elephone will announce is certainly the P9000 Edge handset which will sport no bezel on the sides. During the company’s event which is scheduled for January 15th, Elephone will also unveil the Elephone W2 smartwatch, read on.

Unlike the ELE Watch, this smartwatch is not powered by Android Wear, but it will be compatible with both Android and iOS. You’ll be required to install an application on your device, through which you’ll be able to connect to the watch. Now, according to our source, this smartwatch will be available in Gold and White color options. The Gold color variant is allegedly designed for women, and the White is made for men considering the sides are straight, unlike the ones on the Gold variant. This smartwatch will feature three physical buttons on the right side, as you can see in the images down below, and its display will be 1.61-inches big. The watch will ship with a leather band, and will be waterproof up to 30 meters. The 210mAh battery will also be a part of this package, and the watch will include a sleep monitor, fitness tracker, alarm, remote feature, etc.

Now, this seems to be more of a regular smartwatch, and the info we’ve received from our source definitely confirms that. In case you’d like to check out its design, check out the gallery down below where you’ll get to see this smartwatch up close and personal. You’ll also be able to see the packaging of the watch as well. That’s pretty much it, the Elephone W2 smartwatch is expected to be announced on January 15th alongside three P9000 smartphones. So, if you’re interested, stay tuned, we’ll report back as soon as new info surfaces, if not before, then on January 15th.