Drawbridge Report Shows Most Used Android Apps

January 29, 2016 - Written By David Steele

Smartphone and tablet users have different preferences when it comes to applications. Some customers download many applications and if they realize that they are not going to use them, quickly uninstall the application whereas others leave the application on their device. However, over time, most people quickly get into the habit of using a select few applications frequently during the day. Drawbridge, a system that looks at in-app advert requests, has been used to analyze more than one trillion such requests during the fourth quarter of 2015. This data has been put together to form a list of the most frequently used applications for both the Android and iOS platforms. Drawbridge’s Connected Consumer Graph data is also used to determine the number of unique daily users (UDU) as well as the unique monthly users (UMU).

Whilst the data collection method is a little limited, as only those applications that use embedded adverts are counted and premium versions without adverts are excluded, it provides a different perspective on the most popular adverts for the platforms compared with the downloaded applications. Indeed, Drawbridge’s report explains that the average smartphone users spend their device time in just twenty five applications a month. However, within this, half of their time is spent in their favorite application. Around 80% of smartphone time is concentrated into the top three applications, and this time increases to 87% for tablet users.

For the results, the top iOS applications for the quarter were iFunny, Words With Friends and Tango. For the Android platform, we see a different trio at the top of the charts: Clean Master has the most ad calls with CM Security Antivirus AppLock in second place. In terms of unique daily users, Clean Master approached 50 million UDU and over 150 UMU during the period, approximately double CM Security Antivirus AppLock’s 25 million UDU and 79 million UMU. However, checking the images at the bottom of this article and you will see some unusual entries in the list – such as Super-Bright LED Flashlight trading places with Tango on the Android platform. Is a flashlight application as popular as a messaging and communications application? Or does instead the Super-Bright LED Flashlight application make many ad calls during use? Either way, it’s interesting that the top two applications for the Android platform were security of device clean up apps, and this is something that Drawbridge expect to continue into 2016.