Download: Icon Normalization Is Now Part Of The Google App

January 13, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

The Google app offers up quite a few different functions these days. While it used to be just about search and Google Now cards, it also now includes bits and pieces of the Google Experience Launcher as part of the app, and the latest version of it adds a few new features, although they aren’t likely to be noticed by anyone who doesn’t use the GEL as their home launcher. This latest version brings the Google app up to version 5.8 and seems to be in beta status so it won’t be rolling out as an official update as stable just yet, however you can still grab this version from the apk links down below.

One of the major changes included in version 5.8 beta for the Google app is normalized icons. A few launchers have already implemented Icon Normalization including Nova Launcher, and now the Google app will provide users with icons that resize to match each other so they don’t appear vastly different in regards to size. The icon resizing appears to be automatic as there was no visible option to toggle it on and off, so users who are running the GEL should see size matched icons  right from the start once the Google app has been updated to version 5.8.

The other new change to the GEL with this version of the Google app is the return of the auto-rotate option on the homescreen. Although not everyone uses rotation of the screen, Google including it in the beta version of the app means it should be showing up for stable users sometime soon. Unlike with the icon normalization, the homescreen rotation feature does have the ability to be disabled and is a toggle within the GEL settings. As this option was already available on tablet devices, the auto rotation functionality is new to phones only, and even though Google introduced it with the developer preview for Android Marshmallow before taking it away in a later preview, you don’t need Marshmallow installed to take advantage of the new changes to the GEL. There’s no telling exactly how long it may take before Google rolls this update out officially to the stable version of the app, but for those looking to grab it immediately instead of waiting, the links provided below will allow an installation.

Download the Google app v5.8 beta apk (arm)

Download the Google app v5.8 beta apk (arm64)