Deal: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 for just $189 – 1/27/16

January 27, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Samsung is getting ready to release the Galaxy S7 next month, which is beginning to drive down the prices of the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S5. Both of which are still great smartphones that we would still recommend. The Galaxy S6 is still a bit pricey, in the $400-range depending on the model you pick up. While the Galaxy S5 is now under $200. And if you’re on Verizon, that model is the cheapest coming in at $159 with the unlocked model coming in at $189. There were a lot of jokes made about the aesthetics of the Galaxy S5, but it is still a beast of a smartphone with a 5.2-inch 1080p display, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 processor inside.

The Galaxy S5 was also Samsung’s last Galaxy S with a removable battery and microSD card slot. So if those are two features you really must have, then the Galaxy S5 is a great deal for you. We’d definitely recommend the Galaxy S5 over some of the other sub-$200 smartphones out there right now, just based on its specs. While it is approaching it’s two-year birthday, it still performs quite well. This model here comes with 16GB of storage, however as mentioned before, there is a microSD card slot that will support up to 200GB of storage on top of that 16GB. There’s no telling how long this is going to last, so you’ll want to pick yours up as soon as possible.

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5