Deal: Tractive GPS Pet Tracker – $99

January 5, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

We all love our pets, they are our best friends. Literally and figuratively. We’d hate to lose our pet, but they do love to run out and get on an adventure. The Tractive GPS Pet Tracking device is a good way to keep track of your pet, these days. The device can be attached to your dog or cat, and allows you to see their live location on a map. So you can know exactly where they are, whenever you need to know. Additionally, you can get updates every other second by using the “LIVE tracking function”, this way you’ll know where they are headed.

The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker does require a $6.99/month or $64.99/year service. And you can cancel that at any time. Owners are able to define a safe zone and be notified when your pet leaves that safe zone. You can also retrace your pet’s steps for the last 24 hours, and see where they went. The tracker is 100% waterproof, so if your dog jumps into a pool, the tracker is still safe. You are able to see your pet’s location on any mobile device or the web app. And there’s a built-in light as well, on the tracker, to help you find your pet.

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker