Deal: PNY 128GB microSD Card $34.99

January 11, 2016 - Written By John Anon

When it comes to storage on mobile devices, it does seem that there is never enough to go around. This is in spite of manufacturers continually looking to offer consumers more internal storage with each new generational device that comes through. This is one of the reasons why microSD cards continually prove to be one of the most important features on a smartphone. If you need more storage, you have it. In fact, flip microSD cards often and there is no limit to how much storage you can make use of. Of course, this does mean that you do need to buy a microSD card (or a few) to be able to make use of the additional external storage limits.

Well, there is a deal currently live on Amazon for a PNY microSD card which is worth checking out. The deal is for the 128GB variant of the microSD card and should be plenty to offer room for all your additional content. This is a microSD card which normally comes with a $99.99 price attached, although you can typically find it cheaper online. However, the current deal is one of the cheapest prices so far for this sized microSD card, as it is currently available for only $34.99.

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