Deal: NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller – $37

January 13, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

If you owned the original Nintendo back in the day, this controller is definitely going to leave you feeling a bit of nostalgia. The NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller is here and allows you to play your favorite games on iOS and Android using the iconic Nintendo controller, so you can kill zombies with an old-school controller. It uses Bluetooth to connect with your device to play all sorts of games. For iOS and Mac users, you can also connect multiple controllers for multi-player games. You’ll also be able to use this with third party game platforms like Baidu, KO Gaming City and many others. It’s touted that the NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller sports zero lag time, definitely important for playing games. And with the controller being nice and sleek, you can take it anywhere, as it’s also small and lightweight.

It’s a great Bluetooth controller to pick up, and it works great with tablets as well. Typically this controller would sell for around $50, however we are currently offering it on the Android Headlines Store for just $36.99 making it a pretty amazing deal. But you’d better hurry as the sale only lasts through January 18th. And once it’s gone, it’s gone and may never come back.

NES30 Pro Bluetooth Game Controller