Deal: Mpow Bluetooth Dongle for $9.99 – 1/21/16

January 21, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Do you have an old speaker that you’d love to use with Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone or laptop to stream music? Don’t want to pay $35 for the Chromecast Audio dongle? Well Mpow has your back. Their Bluetooth Dongle here is on sale for just $9.99 and can add Bluetooth to your speakers very easily. It also works great in the car, in case your car happens to not have any Bluetooth connectivity. Just simply plug in the Mpow dongle and you now have Bluetooth in your car. Making things very convenient (especially since your smartphone will connect each time you get in the car). It’s powered by USB, so you will need to plug it in somewhere (in the car you can simply plug it into the car charger).

This dongle can also provide a better and more stable signal for Bluetooth. It also works with any device that has Bluetooth connectivity including smartphones, tablets, laptops and much more. This Mpow Bluetooth Dongle is also pretty easy to go ahead and set up, it’s essentially just plug and play and you’re all set. It’s definitely a great alternative to Chromecast Audio. Although it uses Bluetooth and not WiFi like the Chromecast Audio does.

Mpow Bluetooth Dongle