Deal: LG Watch Urbane – $199

January 4, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Smartwatches are still a pretty niche product. Many of them costing around $300, and being outdated in about a year or two. LG’s Watch Urbane has already dropped down to $199, and it hasn’t even been available for a year just yet. The LG Watch Urbane was LG’s second circular watch and third smartwatch overall. It’s a great looking smartwatch which runs on Android Wear and does have WiFi support. So you are able to go out running and not have to take your smartphone along with you (although if you want GPS capability, you’ll still need to take it with you).

Picking up the LG Watch Urbane for $199 is one heck of a deal. The Watch Urbane is only available in silver, however, not the gold model. And it’s available on eBay right now as part of their daily deals. The LG Watch Urbane is a great smartwatch, and one that we recommended when we reviewed it last summer. And it’s still one of the better Android Wear smartwatches available right now. And it has a stunning OLED display, that everyone will love. You can pick up the LG Watch Urbane right now from eBay for just $199, by hitting up the link down below.

LG Watch Urbane