Deal: Inateck Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker – $43

January 13, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Inateck is known for selling somewhat cheap products, like speakers, headphones and more. This ultra-portable Bluetooth Speaker is another one of those products. It’s fully aluminum and provides some amazing sound. Great news for those audiophiles out there. It features dual 5-Watt precision-tuned drivers to deliver nice and clear sound, as well as pretty loud sound without affecting the way the audio sounds. Inateck also boasts 33-feet of connectivity over Bluetooth. Which is about the industry standard these days. Battery life is rated at around 15 hours of playtime, from the 1800mAh battery inside. Perhaps the best feature of all, for this Bluetooth speaker, is the fact that it is IPX5 water resistant. So you can take it to the beach with you, out camping and such, and not worry about it getting damaged.

It’s a great looking speaker with all of the controls on the top of the speaker. Giving you easy access to changing the music, the volume and much more. Additionally, it does support 3.5mm line out so you can plug in your smartphone to the speaker instead of using Bluetooth for even better quality audio. You can pick up this Bluetooth speaker from Inateck today from Amazon for just $42.99.

Inateck Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker