Deal: Gold Nexus 6P 32GB For $449 & 64GB For $499 – 1/26/16

January 26, 2016 - Written By John Anon

The Nexus 6P from Huawei is easily one of the most popular devices currently available. Released towards the end of last year, the Nexus 6P quickly established itself as the go-to device for many Android enthusiasts, due to its emphasis on stock Android and hardware to match the software on offer. However, interest in the Nexus 6P seem to somewhat ignite when the company finally made available a gold variant of the device. One which can now be picked up with prices starting from $499 for the baseline model.

That said, a deal currently live on Amazon means you can pick up the gold version of the Nexus 6P for a little bit cheaper. The baseline model which comes with 32GB storage is currently available to buy for $449, essentially saving $50 off of the price tag. If you are after more storage, than Amazon is also selling the larger 64GB model for $499, which is again, a saving of $50. Another way to look at it is that you can currently pick up the 64GB gold Nexus 6P from Amazon for the price of the 32GB model from the Google Store. Whichever storage level you are after, if you have had your eye on the gold Nexus 6P, then this is a deal worth checking out.

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