Deal: Aukey Bluetooth Music Car Kit For $15.99 W /Code

January 8, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Streaming music is a wonderful thing, especially if you’re able to access that music through your car stereo. Not everyone has a car stereo equipped with Bluetooth however, and with that being the case you’re left with less options to stream music from your favorite places like Spotify, Pandora, and Play Music. The good news is that there are tools you can pick up which enable Bluetooth connectivity for your car, like this Bluetooth car kit music receiver from Aukey. Normally this device costs $59.99, but it’s currently on sale for $27.99 so it’s already less than half off. You can save even more money by using promo code HHDGOZEE at checkout which brings the total price down to $15.99.

The unit is easy to use as it turns on and off with the ignition, so as soon as you start your car the music receiver starts working. It has a handy set of controls on the cord so you can pause, play, skip forward and backward on tracks, and there’s a button for answering incoming calls. There are also two additional USB ports on the unit too so you can plug in a couple of other devices to charge too, making this a versatile and useful device to have if you love to listen to music in your car.

Buy The Aukey Bluetooth Music Receiver - $15.99 W/Code