Deal: Anker Chargers From $5.99 W/Promo Codes

January 19, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Whether it’s in the car, at home, or at the office, it never hurts to have a backup charger on hand where and when you possibly need it the most. Extra chargers are a great tool to have but they can also rack up in cost as they aren’t always cheap, especially when you’re looking at premium aftermarket chargers such as Anker. Luckily, right now you can pick up a few different Anker chargers on sale including the Anker PowerPort + 1 wall charger, PowerDrive + 1 Car charger, and the PowerDrive + 2 Car Charger.

All three chargers come with Quick Charge 2.0 so if your device supports it, you can ensure you’re getting the fastest charge possible with these products. Both the PowerPort +1 and the PowerDrive + 1 come with a single USB port for charging one device, and are on sale for $13.99 and $8.99 respectively. However, if you enter the promo codes at checkout, (HITW3AYN for the PowerPort + 1 and 4KNIDWPL for the PowerDrive + 1) those prices come down to $6.49 and $5.99 respectively. There’s also the PowerDrive + 2 car charger which also comes with Quick Charge 2.0, but has an extra USB port for charging a second device if needed, and QC2.0 is available from both ports. Right now the PowerDrive + 2 is on sale for $19.99 but if you enter promo code 55ANZPZ6 at checkout you can bring that price down to $$13.99. All three chargers come with PowerIQ meaning they detect the amount of charge your device can handle so it can deliver the fastest possible charge available for your device, and they all come with multiprotect chips to make sure the charge won’t damage your device.

Buy The Anker PowerPort + 1 - $6.49 W/Code Buy The Anker PowerDrive + 1 - $5.99 W/Code Buy The Anker PowerDrive + 2 - $13.99 W/Code