Deal: Air Purifier and Car Charger for just $35.99 – 1/26/16

January 26, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Car chargers is something that we all have. Because well, our phones just don’t last as long as we want them too, so we normally plug them in while we’re in the car to get a nice boost of juice before we get to work, or get home, or wherever we are going. This car charger here has two USB ports allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously, but it does something else that most car chargers don’t. And that’s purify the air in your car. We could all be breathing better air when it comes to our cars, and having the AIR Ionic car charger and air purifier will definitely help with that. This is especially good for those that have pets in the car, or might even be smokers. Allowing you to have cleaner air for others that are in the car with you.

The AIR Ionic car charger and air purifier works with the cigarette lighter in your car, like any other car charger. It also has a LED light, which shows you that the car charger is indeed working properly. Typically, the AIR Ionic car charger and air purifier would be selling for about $50. However we have it available on the Android Headlines Store for just $35.99.

AIR Ionic Car Charger & Air Purifier