How To Create Stylized Gear S2 Watch Faces


One of the hottest smartwatches out there right now is Samsung's Gear S2 and it's pretty easy to see why; premium design, full features and fairly good battery life, among other things, made it a market success.  With a huge number of features available, it stands to reason that not every user is going to know how to do everything on the diminutive piece of tech. Since, statistically, most Gear S2 users will have their smartwatch paired to an ultra-customizable Android smartphone, it only seems fitting to be able to customize you Gear S2's watchface.

With the Stylized Watch Faces feature, Samsung has allowed just that. Before we go on, it should be pointed out that Gear S2 users who use the 3G model on its own may not be able to do this. If your Gear S2 plays companion to an Android phone, however, here's how to access the feature and make your very own Stylized Watch Face.


First and foremost, make sure your phone and the Gear S2 are paired via Bluetooth. Once you've ensured a connection, open up the Gear Manager app. Once inside the app, you'll see "Watch faces" at the top; select that. Once you're on the "Watch faces" screen, you'll be presented with a number of premade watch faces. Many of them are not customizable, but for the ones that are, after clicking on it, simply click on the button labelled "Stylize" over to the right of the watch face. From there, if you've selected a classic watch face, you'll be given the options to customize the dial and complications, Samsung's word for widgets that reside on the watch face. With Modern Utility watch faces, you'll also have the option to customize the hands. In either case, you'll be able to customize things like the type of dial or hands, colors of each and what complications are present, such as a hydration reminder, world clock or the smartwatch's battery life. From there, simply hit the orange "Save" button in the top right and your Gear S2's watch face will automatically be changed to what you've chosen.

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