Crafting RPG 'Crashlands' Hits Google Play For $4.99

Butterscotch Shenanigans, the team behind popular mobile titles like Towelfight 2, Quadropus Rampage, and Floprocket, has just launched their latest title Crashlands onto Google Play for $4.99. For those that are familiar with the work of this three-man game studio, Crashlands has been a labor of love for the past couple of years finally culminating into what has been offered to the public at large. Unlike any of the other games in their library, Crashlands is quite a large game mixed with elements of crafting and role playing, but like every other game they produce it also has the same witty humor and slapstick dialogue that many fans have come to know from past games in the Butterscotch lineup.

Crashlands will have players following the story of Flux Dabes who works for a galactic shipping company on her way to make the most recent delivery, only to crash land onto a nearby planet and be left for dead. Thanks to some steadfast thinking and quick work by Flux though, the player embarks on an adventure filled with new characters, plenty of enemies, plenty of comedic dialogue and loads of gathering and crafting of supplies so you can reach your ultimate goal of getting to finish your delivery before it's too late.

Players will be able to level up Flux as they complete quests given to them by random strangers as well as Flux's trusty computer pal, and completion of missions will grant various rewards from crafting recipes to items that may be needed later on in the game. Crashlands features an infinite inventory so you'll never run out of space for new items, recipes, materials, or gear, and the skies the limit for the size of the home players can build to store everything they need. Players can choose to go it alone throughout the dangerous territories of the crashlands but they can also capture and tame minions to help them fight along the way. Character progression follows the elements of an RPG so as you level up your character, new stats like attack power, defense and health will increase while to get better weapons and armor you'll have to scour the lands for the materials you need to build them. Combat plays out like an action RPG as movement is free form and you'll have to systematically dodge the attacks of your opponent if you want to live. For those that love a good story, a good laugh, and plenty of adventure all wrapped up into one massive game, Crashlands should fit the bill.

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