College Campuses Show Off Their New NFC Applications

NFC has been around for some time now. It can actually be traced back as far as 1983 to some degree. What I mean by this is that NFC (Near Field Communication) can be traced to where its roots really come from, considering it to be an RFID. RFID basically allows a reader to send radio waves to a passive electronic tag for identification, authentication and tracking. We can still see these applications used in today's society on which have shaped many things we still use today such as identification tags used on animals instead of barcode tags, as well as the little tags located on clothes in department stores to deter theft. Among the many uses of this technology, the more notable of which can be seen in hotel suites in which the front desk presents you with a keycard that last a number of days and can only be accessed for those number of said days. Even more recently in today's world, NFC can be seen with contact-free payments through many stores across the world. Considering that NFC can be secured easier with greater levels of encryption and password-protected authentication you can rest assured that your credit card information will always be easily secured especially without it being easily imprinted onto a card for a chance of greater duplication. More and more companies are seeing the benefit in replacing key tags, and identification cards with NFC badges or applications, and they should. Not only is it convenient but it can offer tremendous tech advancements for the world.

Now as we enter into 2016 we can see these advancements taking place on our front lawn. College campuses are now rightfully starting to adopt the technology and implement it into their own fast-pace-moving world. Other than using NFC for payments, college campuses such as Quinnipiac, Villanova and Arizona State University, have been exploring the technology, as highlighted in a Smart Card Alliance white paper, to use it for not only their own faculty but for their students as well. It has become very popular and is a fast-growing necessity. Villanova even reported that by simply removing key locks and combinations from doors and thereby using mobile phone activated doors, the university was able to save huge amounts of money annually in the turnover that is required to re-key dorm rooms every year.

Among the many colleges and major companies using this ever-growing popular application across the world, the Smart Card Alliance white paper includes additional information and uses for all kinds of organizations that might have some use for non-payment applications of the NFC technology. Much of this information includes, discussion of marketing, identify and access, ticketing and gaming use cases as well as giving a description of the use cases including implementation considerations, challenges, and examples of real-world implementations. 2016 has just sprung about but as early as it is in the year technology is already and will continue to be the hottest topic. Let's all hope that we can outlive to see the best of it.

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