Coffee Ripples App Upgrades Latte Art to 21st Century


CES 2016 has gotten underway, and as is often the case, there's a little bit of everything being shown off on the show floor or announced elsewhere. It's a week or so of absolute madness when it comes to technology news, and while this little piece of news might not be mobile-related we can pretty much guarantee that the majority of our readers are big coffee drinkers. Steam CC is unveiling the Coffee Ripples App to go with their existing Ripple Maker, allowing users to create their own latte art. The Ripple Maker has been around for some time now, and with this new app, Steam CC hope to make it easier for drinkers and servers to customize their drinks like never before.

The Ripple Maker itself is not designed as a consumer product and is instead to be delivered to coffee shops and houses across the US for $85 a month. This includes everything that an establishment might need to make truly unique latte art for their customers. With the new Coffee Ripples App, users can browse through a large library of images or pre-existing art forms as well as upload their own images and produce their own messages. The idea behind both the Ripple Maker and the Coffee Ripples App is to take latte art to a new level, as Steam CC's CEO notes "images of latte art are some of the most shared pictures online". That $85 service charge is on top of a $999 initial outlay however, and it's extra space that a coffee shop will need to find on their bar to provide the service.

To us, this is something that might help an independent coffee shop take off, offering a fun little gimmick that customers can keep on coming back to could help them compete with the likes of Starbucks and co. Those in attendance at CES will be able to take a look at the Ripple Maker and the new Coffee Ripples App in action on the show floor, but for those that aren't in Las Vegas they can watch the short video below showing off what the Ripple Maker is all about.


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