Chrysler Adding Android Auto This Year

Chrysler Android Auto

Chrysler has also decided to announce their plans for Android Auto today at CES. The car maker, has stated that they will be bringing Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on into their cars beginning later this year. This is part of the new U-Connect infotainment system which is going to be part of every Chrysler and Dodge vehicle later this year. U-Connect is FCA’s own infotainment system which brings you navigation, entertainment, and so much more. It’ll support both CarPlay and Android Auto, for those that might be using either platform or both.

According to Chrysler’s parent company, FCA, the new version of U-Connect will also bring in some hardware upgrades. This will result in better response and processing of what is being done in U-Connect. The touchscreen will now be capacitive, allowing for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support. Which means users will be able to use their smartphone to play music through Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio and many other apps, as well as reply to messages using their voice and most importantly, use Google Maps or Apple Maps for their navigation system.


FCA didn’t mention specifically which models would get Android Auto. But they did note in the press release that the system is going to be introduced in 2016. If they follow the likes of the other American car makers – GM and Ford – it’ll be available for all models, but there will be an extra cost for the technology package that includes Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay. We’ll have to wait until later in the year for further clarification on that information. U-Connect is one of the better, more complete infotainment systems around. So it’s nice to see it getting an upgrade, on both software and hardware fronts.

Chrysler and Dodge now join the many others that have committed to both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Which include Audi, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Volvo and a few others, with many more coming in the near future. Chrysler is not doing demos just yet, so it appears they are still working on integration.