Cerevo Brings a Transforming Robot Projector to CES 2016


The Consumer Electronics Show is always a fun time of year for technology lovers to see the latest and greatest from some of the world's largest companies, but every now and then there's something pretty weird to take a look at. Cerevo, a Japanese company that specializes in all sorts of multimedia devices and gadgets, have bought something pretty special to CES 2016. The Tipron, as their new product is known, is a Robotic Transforming projector. It's controlled by an Android app and can project an 80-inch 720p HD image wherever and whenever you want it to.

The real party trick here of course is the fact that it transforms, turning from a 1 and a half foot-high sort of wedge to a three-feet high projector, with the image coming out of what looks like a robotic eye. Outside of that however, the Tipron does actually have some smart uses, such as the fact that it's rechargeable and can last two-hours on a single charge. This makes it useful for conference rooms with few wall outlets or well, just a cool gadget to call upon when you need to impress. Speaking of calling the Tipron, it can be controlled by an Android app and effectively driven to wherever you want it to, so you could have it follow you, by way of remote control, as you change from one room to the next.


This is the sort of thing that firmly finds itself in the "gadget" category of CES, and while we've seen some more interesting news from the likes of NVIDIA and LG already, it's always nice to see this sort of thing being announced at CES. Whether or not this is a Consumer Electronic is up for debate, but who wouldn't want a transforming robot display whatever the hell they wanted on their wall? Great for parties, work meetings and well, just looking awesome the Tipron should be launching later this year, but there's no definitive price tag just yet. We'll be covering all sorts of new from CES throughout the week, so be sure to keep on coming back.

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