Cast App Lets You Share The Content With Faraway Friends


Movies were meant to be watched along a large audience, of course, home entertainment systems have changed that and now the number of people watching the same content within a room has been reduced significantly. There are some films or TV content which can become quite insightful when watched alone, but there is some content that is definitely better when watched in the company of close friends or family. The Internet has connected users from different parts of the world, and a new app is attempting to bring users together so they can watch stream content from some streaming services and TV content at the same time.

Cast by Genii will let users watch the same content on different platforms and in different locations and not every viewer needs to have a subscription to the supported streaming services. The app features instant messaging and video chat functionality, so windows with such content will appear in the same screen as the movie, to make the experience more immersive. The app is compatible with Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO Go, among other services. Traditional TV can also be broadcast using this app, so users can watch sport events or special content with their distant friends, it doesn't matter if a certain channel is not available in their region. Users can even watch YouTube videos and play games such as Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and Minecraft using Cast. The app will be launched later this year for smartphones and tablets and while it will be offered for free, there will be some premium options as well.


According to Genii's co-founder Frederic Robert, this doesn't violate the rules of streaming services, as it will be just like sharing content with people in your sofa, "but it's a virtual sofa". Plus, content will only be shared with your close circle of acquaintances, so others will be able to share your content as long as you're watching it as well. Streaming services usually restrict the amount of videos that can be watched simultaneously within an account, so we'll have to see if Cast doesn't get additional restrictions. Genii has also built some equipment with similar sharing functionality as part of a Kickstarter campaign

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