Buy a Nexus 6P from Google's Store, Save $50 on Huawei Watch


Last year was a good year for Huawei, they posted some of their best sales figures and made a lot of money. More than that however, it was an important year for the overall brand image of the Chinese firm. No longer just a suspected Chinese spy, the company partnered with Google to deliver the excellent Nexus 6P, arguably the best Nexus device ever made and one of the best devices from 2015. Partnering with Google gives any smartphone brand a little more credibility, but for Huawei it was doubly important, as the Chinese brand had been struggling with their image for years now. Huawei also burst onto the scene earlier in the year on their own steam, with the Huawei Watch. First making waves during Mobile World Congress last year and going up for sale last Fall, the Huawei Watch is easily one of the best-looking Android Wear watches out there, and now Google is making it a little easier to get your hands on one, if you purchase a Nexus smartphone as well, that is.

For those that purchase a Huawei Nexus 6P from the Google Store they'll receive a coupon code to save $50 on a purchase of a Huawei Watch. What's nice about this, is that customers don't need to use the code against a Watch at the same time, but have up until September 2016 to claim the discount. It's unclear just how long Google will be issuing these coupons for, but we're sure that Huawei had a lot to do with this discount as well, after all the Google Store is perhaps more an intermediary and distributor than anything else for their Android Wear products. Regardless, this is a good deal and one that should help people get one of the nicest-looking Android Wear watches available right now.


The Huawei Watch was an impressive device when we reviewed it earlier last year, and it still is, with Huawei launching new versions during CES 2016 last week. The Jewel and Elegant versions of the Huawei Watch won't be on sale for a little while yet, and it's not clear whether they'll be eligible for this discount, but there has to be a reason Google has left the window open for so many months.

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