'Bubble Two' Charges Your Phone With Your Favorite Brands

Having a smartphone, especially if you carry a flagship device, means more than likely your going to be using it every hour on the hour. Whether you're using your device for email, social media, or taking pictures, your device will eventually need a charge. Luckily there are many ways, thanks to advancements in battery chemistry and certain charging system tweaks, we can finally start to breathe a sigh of relief from all the worrying we do that our batteries won't last through the day.

The company Bubbles say they have a perfect solution for not only keeping your phone charged but keeping you connected to the world you love. For their first home based product, Bubbles is releasing a charging station that can be used throughout your home for all your devices that are left uncharged. The Bubbles Two is a hub of services that enables The Bubbles Company and its partners to build a better and smart relationship with their customers through unlimited and useful services. Convenience, Entertainment and Connect services are the 3 services that are thought to serve the Bubbles community. Through the 'Convenience' service, it allows for many smart devices to be charged simultaneously and can be a mix of Android or Apple, all the while keeping you aware of new notifications such as emails, calls, and texts through its LED lighting system. 'Entertainment' service allows not only for games of all sorts but also will offer VIP customers coupons as well as discounts. This makes for a great connection with all the partners that Bubbles partners with, allowing you to stay connected with all those brands you know and love. The 'Connected' service keeps you informed with delivering messages to the household when members arrive home, even going as far to being able to send your friends drinks when they enter a connected bar through Bubbles. Of course as the Bubble Two hub becomes more prominent the company will have more services available like working with companies marketing such as enabling a loyal point system.

The Bubbles company, having been a startup created in 2014 by two French entrepreneurs, first created the 'Bubble One' and the 'Bubble S One' which was the first smart charging device that could be bought by bars, restaurants, stores, movie theatres and even malls, for their customers to stop and have somewhere to conveniently charge their devices while they shop or casually look around. What's more that makes the device 'Bubble' unique is its way of branding and partnering with other brands and companies to enable them to better engage with their customers in a more effective and powerful way. Through the use of its app and what they call 'iBeacons', Bubble allows for companies to display you coupons and certain deals through messages sent to your device all while using the Bubble hub. While there are commercially available versions for retail, the Bubbles Two for the home will not be released until sometime in September of this year with its apps and services available on Android and Apple. Retail prices and distributors will soon be confirmed although there is no word on when. Let's hope it's soon because this sounds like something worth looking into.

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