Boost Mobile Testing Ad-Supported Discount Program


Most anybody you talk to these days, outside of SEO and marketing professionals, will likely tell you they hate having to view advertisements. They're in your browser window, they're on your TV and in most free apps, they're even on your smartphone. Ads, of course, are a necessary evil and not always all bad, even for the user. There are a number of apps out there that promise rewards, cash or otherwise, simply for watching and interacting with ads. Some of those apps serve ads either on users' lock screens or right after the device is unlocked, such as Locket. It would seem that Sprint subsidiary Boost Mobile is going to be making use of an app of the latter variety, to be known as Boost Dealz, that will allow users to opt-in to full-screen ads every now and then in exchange for $5 knocked off their monthly bill. 

The plan is to have any leftover revenue split evenly between Sprint and partner Unlockd, who sells the ad space out for all willing participants. Sprints director of prepaid, Doug Smith, praised the plan, saying "We thought it was a very low-risk way to understand how this type of value proposition would go over with our customers. Who knows where this could go. We thought it was important to start understanding consumer behavior and the economics behind it." According to Unlockd CEO Matt Berriman, deals like this are part of a shift toward new revenue models for carriers. "Carriers globally are really fundamentally changing their focus to figure out how to get new revenue streams.", Berriman said.

For now, this program is only available to Boost Mobile subscribers who own Android phones, with no date for a wider rollout announced. There are hints that if the program is successful, it may end up as an option for Sprint users as well, but as with a rollout for OSes besides Android, no date was mentioned. Boost Dealz is only available to download for those who have signed up for the program and can be disabled at any time, though subscribers cannot simply disable the app and continue to collect a discount.

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