Become A Fashion Guru In Fashion Diva: Dressup & Makeup Game

January 27, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Role playing games are quite popular, not only on consoles and PCs, but mobile devices as well. Google Play Store is home to thousands of RPG games, and those titles are actually getting better and better as the time goes by. Now, the thing is, when you say the world ‘RPG’, most of us will instantly think of a particular game, or group of games, but very few of you will connect this to the word ‘fashion’. That is perfectly normal, but we’ve actually stumbled upon a fashion RPG in the Google Play Store, which is quite interesting, read on if you’re intersted.

There are tons of fashion applications in the Google Play Store, but very few of them are categorized as RPGs. Now, the ‘Fashion Diva: Dressup & Makeup’ is not your typical RPG, of course, and some of you might not even consider it to be one, but it’s in that category for a reason. This game will appeal mainly to women, and your objective is to impress judges with your looks. There are various clothing and accessories items included in this game, while you’ll also be able to change the hairstyle of your character, and even tinker with makeup. The game is available in 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish), and the graphics within the game isn’t anything special, but it kind of fits the game. The graphics are, well, we can say cartoonish, which really doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as I’ve mentioned already.

The ‘Fashion Diva: Dressup & Makeup’ game is free to download and play, but keep in mind that there are in-app purchases present here. This game actually comes from ‘Games2win’ developer, which has already released three games with similar graphics. Anyhow, if you’re interested in this game at all, there are a couple of official images for you to check out in the gallery down below, and you’ll also find the company’s promo video right below this article. In case you’d like to try the game out for yourself, click the Google Play banner which is placed down below.