ASUS Has Revealed A Portable Monitor Equipped With USB Type-C

asus MB169C plus.0.0 840x560

The new standard as the tech industry likes to refer to, has made its way over to an ASUS monitor. The USB Type-C port is a new and flexible jack that keeps you from having to fumble around with your cord to plug it in the correct way. USB Type-C can be found on the latest Chromebook Pixel , the Nokia N1 Tablet, and both Nexus devices from this year. USB Type-C hasn’t made its way around to every device. In fact, there are only a few devices that are in the market with USB Type-C including those listed above as well as the OnePlus. Today that changes with the latest release from ASUS.

ASUS has revealed a portable monitor that is first of its kind because of the Type-C port built into it. The MB169C+ comes rolling in with a 15.6-inch screen and comes equipped with the new standard USB port. With so many different cables to plug in moving different amounts of data, the USB Type-C jumps in to help with the heavy lifting. Type-C brings flexibility to the table, which in the end allows users to attach any adapter to it enabling the port to transform into what we need. ASUS new MB169C+ monitor aims to fill a gap in the marketplace where they feel products are needed which in this case is a monitor using the new USB standard. This can be seen as a good move by ASUS due to the fact that no other company has really implemented the new port in their monitors. With USB Type-C being the direction companies are moving towards for future devices, that puts ASUS a step ahead of the rest of the OEMs releasing devices with the old USB 3.0 port.

Currently there isn’t a price tag for the new MB169C+, but it’s speculated that it could cost you near $200 to $300. The price isn’t bad for a portable Monitor with a 15.6-inch display. The MB169C+ is a follow up to its predecessor the MB168B+ which of course has a USB 3.0 instead of Type-C. In addition to the lack of cost, there are also no details on location availability for this device unfortunately.