Archos Introduce Power Line of Budget Android Smartphones

Archos 40 Power 50 Power

Archos is a company that while not a lot of North Americans will be familiar with, across the pond in Europe they’re a brand many will know of. Famous for offering multimedia devices on the cheap, Archos has been involved in the mobile game for a long time now, making Android tablets with kickstands before Google even released Honeycomb. More recently however, Archos has been known for their budget Android smartphones and even some offbeat Internet of Things products, too.

The French firm is using CES 2016 to show off some new color in some existing smartphone lines, but they’re also announcing a pair of new products as well. The Archos 40 Power and 50 Power are a pair of smartphones designed to offer standard features that people are looking for, while also offering excellent battery life. The Archos 40 Power is a 4.0-inch smartphone that features a quad-core processor and has 2GB of RAM. These are unimpressive specs, and it says a lot that Archos hasn’t released full internals just yet, but when you discover this costs just £49.99 it all makes sense. For £50 however, users will still get a 1,900 mAh battery which Archos is claiming will last for two days in their press release. The Archos 50 Power meanwhile, is the larger of the two devices and features similar specs with a 5.0-inch display, 16GB of memory – which is double the 40 Power’s – as well as a 13.0-megapixel camera. The 50 Power will be more expensive at £149.99, and while there’s no word on either of the specific processors under-the-hood it would appear that these will be powered by super-efficient Cortex-A7 ARM processors.


These are sure to be a pair of pretty uninteresting smartphones, but the fact that they’re affordable will presumably have led to some of the compromises found on the inside of these two. The Archos 40 Power and Archos 50 Power will be on display during CES 2016 and hopefully we’ll get a look at them while parading the show floor. The 40 Power has a tentative release of May and will cost £49.99 while there’s no date for the Archos 50 Power we’re sure it’ll launch somewhere close to its smaller brother.