Apple to Provide Easy Transfer Tool from iOS to Android?


In the world of smartphones and mobile devices there are two kings that split the Lion's share between them for market share. We all know that Samsung's devices run Android and iPhones run iOS, which leaves those looking for the "coolest" and most popular smartphone choosing between Android and iOS. There are plenty of other great choices running Android of course, like the new Sony Xperia Z5 line and LG's G series of devices. Now, it would appear that Apple is to relent and provide users an easy tool to allow them to transfer contacts, files, messages and even music to an Android device, should they make the switch.

The Telegraph is reporting that Apple has come under fire from networks and carriers across the world for not allowing users to easily switch. It's thought that because carriers are unable to provide simple advice on moving away from iOS to an Android device it leaves them little room to negotiate with Apple, or to sell other devices to those already using an iPhone. Apple is rumored to have bent to such pressure and provide an easy transfer tool some time later this year. This would of course be a massive change of course for Apple, the company that used iTunes to lock people into using an iPod or an iPhone to get access to their already-existing collection of music, and the same company that took Samsung to court. There is of course the argument that not providing such a tool in the first place is anti-competitive, but so far it seems no serious authority has levelled such an accusation at Apple.


Whether or not the tool ever becomes public is unclear at this point, but it would appear that such a tool is now in the works, after the carriers have expressed their concerns about locking users into Apple's world for good. Since Tim Cook took over from the late Steve Jobs we've seen subtle changes in the company's approach, such as Apple Music launching on Android, for instance. Either way, it would appear that Apple is to subtly change the way they lock in users to their ecosystem, if only to satisfy the concerns of their network partners the world over.

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