Android Auto to be Standard in all 2017 Ford Models

January 4, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Finally. Ford has announced their plans for Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay, ahead of CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Ford had come out before stating that they were looking for a way to implement Android Auto and Apple CarPlay without giving Google or Apple “the steering wheel”. And what they meant by that was, all of the information that the two companies wanted to take in, to help better their services in the car. Well it looks like they’ve found a way. Beginning this year, all new models from Ford will have both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. So no matter what operating system you use, you’ll still be able to use your phone in the car as your infotainment system.

All 2017 models with SYNC 3 will have both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. However, 2016 models won’t be left out. Doing something that no other car maker has done so far, Ford is going to allow 2016 models the ability to upgrade later on this year, and get Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. No word on how much that upgrade will cost, just yet, however. Ford also announced a few apps coming to SYNC AppLink, including AAA, Concur, Eventseeker, CitySeeker and Tencent Chelian.

Ford currently has 15 million cars on the road with their SYNC technology, and it’s expected that 43 million will be driving with it by 2020. That’s a big step for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. As Ford is no small car maker, and they are part of the big three here in the US. Ford will be demoing Android Auto and Apple CarPlay at CES later this week, and likely at the upcoming Auto Shows in Detroit, Chicago and New York in the coming months. It should give you the same experience as the other car makers, but we’ll have to get our hands on one and see for ourselves. Now the only member left of the Open Automotive Alliance that is an American manufacturer that hasn’t announced plans for Android Auto, is Chrysler. We should hear something soon. With CES this week and NAIAS in Detroit next week, and Chicago’s Auto Show not too far away.