Analyst: Huawei Sold 109 Million Smartphones Last Year


Huawei has managed to strive in 2015 and climb up the ladder to become the world's third largest smartphone manufacturer. This is a huge success for the company, which has announced back in December that they've sold 100 million smartphones. Well, even though that announcement was official, the year was not over at that point, and we were wondering how many devices will Huawei ship before the end of 2015. Well, a well-known analyst decided to release some rather specific info, read on.

According to Kevin Wang, a China-based market analyst, shared some info on his official Weibo (Chinese social network) profile. He said that Huawei shipped more than 40% of its smartphones outside of China, which is quite surprising. We know that Huawei is active all over the world, but it was hard to imagine that they've sold over 40% of smartphones outside of their homeland (42%, to be exact). Considering how saturated Chinese smartphone market is, this could give them a serious edge over Xiaomi in 2016, Xiaomi is yet to expand properly. Anyhow, the analyst said that Huawei sold 109 million handsets in 2015, while they shipped out 63 million a year before. This actually means that Huawei has a 45% annual growth rate, impressive. Their main competitor, Xiaomi, has sold 70 million handsets in 2015, and 61 million in 2014, though keep in mind that Xiaomi sold the vast majority of their handsets in China considering that they sell their phones (officially) only in Asia, and to a handful of countries outside of that continent. According to some reports, Xiaomi has actually sold over 63 million phones in China (out of 70), which speaks for itself.


So, according to these numbers, Xiaomi definitely won as far as China sales go, but Huawei is the winner in the grand scheme of things. This year will be really interesting, Huawei definitely has the upper hand here, and is continuing to push their products to more markets. Huawei has recently held a press conference during CES in Las Vegas, and it seems like they will push more and more products to the U.S. market. Xiaomi, on the other hand, is expected to enter the U.S. market in 2016, as well as a number of additional markets out there.

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