An Artist Wore The HTC Vive For 48 Continuous Hours

AH HTC Vive hands on IFA 2015 4

The technology that makes virtual reality possible has been improving over time and now many tech companies are researching on how to integrate it into a headset. It is now possible to watch content in high definition and the graphics are getting more complex, so it creates a truly immersive experience. Some are even calling VR a new way of computing because of its innovative controls and it could be used for more than just gaming or watching specially made movies. The technology didn’t take off in the past because of incapable hardware but also because people experienced dizziness or nausea, which made headsets very uncomfortable to wear. Now, it has been reported that a user wore HTC’s Vive VR headset for 48 straight hours without “VR sickness”

The user is named Thorsten Wiedemann, he is the founder and artistic director of the A MAZE Festival and he stated in an interview “I had no physical problems, no burning eyes, killing headaches or nausea”, after spending the two days wearing the headset. The only incident was a panic attack at the 25th hour, but it didn’t stop the artist or keep his “Disconnected” project from going on. The whole 48 hours were live streamed and are now stored on Game Science Center Berlin’s YouTube channel. Part of the project was to experience what might be a regular day in the year 2026, where these headsets could be worn in a common fashion, so Wiedemann can be seen doing many activities with the headset.


The 48-hours included 2.5 hours of sleep with the headset on, while “a cozy cave with a view of the stars” was being displayed. He ate “special liquid food” like bananas and chocolate while this and some medication kept him from needing to go to the bathroom. He envisions the future as something that is “normal that you jump into VR to meet your international friends in Social VR Rooms and go on crazy adventures together. But a long trip will still be special and could be understood as a controlled drug experience”. While technology is interesting, that vision of the future doesn’t seem very promising and a similar experience certainly wouldn’t be something to look forward to.