Amazon’s Prime Stations Feature Comes To UK Citizens

January 27, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Amazon Prime offers consumers a great many things, from free two-day shipping to instant streaming of tons of TV shows and movies for free. It also allows the streaming of music and more recently music from personally created radio stations that are based on different genres. That last function is called Prime Stations and Amazon has just released it for UK Prime members, allowing them to access tons of music stations to listen to their favorite tracks, curated by music specialists and all accessible through the Amazon Prime Music application. The addition of Prime Stations in the UK follows the arrival of streaming music through Amazon Prime which hit the region last July.

Prime Stations is essentially internet radio and offers up a continuous playback of songs based on personal music preferences as well as music genres, so UK users will now be able to open Prime Stations and either choose a particular artist that they want to listen to, or an entire genre of music to encompass songs from different artists within that genre. On top of being curated, Prime Stations is also ad-free meaning playback goes and goes without interruption until the user stops or pauses whatever they’re currently listening to.

Aside from being able to pick an artist or genre and start ad-free playback of the music continuously, if a song comes up that users like they can give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down to let Prime Stations know that they are or aren’t interested in that type of music going forward. Utilizing this rating system will allow the stations to be personalized on a more accurate level and eventually make them more enjoyable as you should only be hearing mostly songs you love. Prime Stations is going to be free to use so long as UK users have the Amazon Music app installed, and have a Prime membership subscription already in place. For users who don’t have a Prime membership, they can just as easily sign up for one to get all of the benefits of what it offers. If you don’t already have Amazon Music installed, you can pick it up from the Play Store.