Amazon Teases Its First Super Bowl Commercial

Amazon Super Bowl Commercial e1453921578232

The Super Bowl 50 is coming, and even if you’re not a fan of the sport or you don’t particularly endorse the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos, you might still enjoy the halftime show with Coldplay, Beyonc© and Bruno Mars. Even if you don’t care about any of that, you might be hanging out with your friends or families and grab a beer or two. Some others gather up in restaurants and bars to watch the game. Whichever the case, a ton of people watch the Super Bowl. This is why most companies show TV commercials during the game to raise awareness of their brand or advertise new products or services, plus, these commercials are usually very well produced with cinematic elements, special effects or basically any wow factor they can think of.

The online retailer Amazon is getting ready to show their first Super Bowl commercial and they want you to be looking for it during the game, so they have released a teaser video featuring actor Alec Baldwin and former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino. In the video, they are planning a Game Day Party and Marino has a few suggestions, one of them being a “snack stadium”. Since Baldwin isn’t familiar with the term, he turns to Alexa, the digital voice assistant integrated into Amazon’s Echo speaker, for more information. She replies to his question and both of them keep planning the party. From this video, it seems like Amazon will use both celebrities in their Super Bowl commercial and they will be showing off the smart capabilities of their voice assistant.


Alexa has always been able to recognize natural language and answer questions, but Amazon has been making her smarter over time. The digital voice assistant can now be used to get information from Yelp, play music from Pandora and get scores and schedules from various sports, including the NFL, of course. Besides providing information, Alexa can be used to control several smart home components including lights and switches from WeMo, Philips Hue, SmartThings, Insteon and Wink. Recently, it even got the ability to read your entire library of Kindle eBooks.