Amazon Release Second Teaser For Their Super Bowl Ad

Amazon Second Teaser Super Bowl e1454090979113

Amazon is getting ready for the broadcast of their first ever Super Bowl commercial. The commercials shown during the championship game are known for their celebrity cameos, cinematographic quality, production values, controversies or just anything that makes them stand out from other TV ads. The reason is easy to imagine, as the Super Bowl is typically watched by over a hundred million people it is a good opportunity for Amazon to promote some of their new products or services. The company already released a teaser for their upcoming commercial, which featured actor Alec Baldwin and former quarterback Dan Marino, it showed the two characters interacting with some of Amazon’s devices and technologies, so we got an idea of what to expect from the ad.

Now, Amazon has released a second teaser for their Super Bowl commercial titled “Cheese Footballs”. The new teaser features Alec Baldwin once again, it certainly follows the last video, as he was previously planning a party with a snack stadium and we now get to see him making sure all the necessary elements are done correctly. Apparently, the footballs made out of Brie cheese are too soft, so he asks Alexa, Amazon’s voice digital assistant on their Echo speaker, to add 60 wheels of Pecorino and she does. The ad still features humor while showing yet another use for their Bluetooth-enabled speaker, the ability to buy some items just by using your voice. The Echo seems to be getting smarter allowing more voice interactions, Alexa can now read eBooks from you Kindle library, it can be synchronized with several devices and services and it can even control some smart home components.


There are a few extra news surrounding the launch of the new video, the first one is that Missy Elliott, who was a surprise performer during last year’s Super Bowl halftime show, will be joining Baldwin and Marino in the final version of the ad. Baldwin is also sharing a playlist with a selection of songs which would be ideal to listen to before watching the game. As you might expect, the playlist is available exclusively on Amazon’s Prime Music.