Amazon Echo Is Now Capable Of Giving You Movie Showtimes

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo has been a huge success for the online retailer. After is public release, The Amazon Echo has become a Geek’s favorite toy. Although the Fire Phone was a flop, Amazon made sure to make the Echo a standout product and it only gets better. To do this Amazon uses Alexa voice recognition which is a cloud-based assistant. Alexa can do a lot of things like play your favorite music, read you books, or switch your lights on and off.  Since its launch, Amazon has added over 95 new features and skills for the hands free device. Today we got some more new features to tell you about that Amazon has added and they are indeed quite nifty.

Amazon’s Alexa technology has received an update which will let your Echo give you detailed information about movies. The information includes what movies are currently playing in nearby theaters and the different time slots. In order to retrieve this information all you have to do is ask, “Alexa, What scary movies are playing Saturday night.” Say she tells you that “The Boy” is playing, you can then ask, “Alexa, tell more more about The Boy” and she will give you a full run down about the movie. Asking Echo about movie showtimes is a pretty nice feature, especially if you are one of those people who in the spur of the moment decides to hop in your car and head to the movies. Now as you make your way out the door you can blurt out some questions and get some detailed results.

Other than movies, the Amazon Echo has a new feature that was added along its knowledge of football. If you ask Alexa about NFL game scores she’ll spit them out to you even if the game is ongoing. In addition to that, you can ask your Echo for football predictions. Normally you would go to one of those rinky dink football prediction websites but with an Echo, those days are over. If you have an Amazon Echo, expect to see these updates making their way to your device soon. If you don’t have an echo, their currently available through the Amazon website.